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Matthew K. Heafy Trivium sport Metal

MATTHEW K. HEAFY, singer guitarist from TRIVIUM & IBARAKI. Tips and insights.

What does Metal music stand for in your daily workout routine? Vidéo exclusive.
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Nergal de Behemoth

NERGAL, singer and guitarist from BEHEMOTH. 7 sport & Metal questions.

We had the chance to meet Nergal, leader of the Polish Black Metal band Behemoth, in Lyon at Le Radian (France), a few hours before the start of their show. And what a show my friends! He took the time to answer our interview “7 questions about sport and Metal”, and we thank him very much for  that honor. 1)
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Julien Truchant Benighted

JULIEN TRUCHAN, singer from BENIGHTED. 7 sport & Metal questions.

Thank you very much to Julien for answering our 7 sport and Metal questions! Live from his ACCESPORT gym, and pictured with his coach VINCENT BERTHOLET.
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