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rui singer of betraying the martyrs interview for metal workout about sport and metal

RUI MARTINS, singer of BETRAYING THE MARTYRS. 7 sports & Metal questions.

This week, Rui Martins, singer of Betraying The Martyrs, reveals to us the secrets of his incredible energy!
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Discover the ravages of a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, and how to remedy it.

Computers have shaken up the habits of our societies. We now spend long hours sitting in front of our screens, at work or at home, reducing our mobility. An increase in sedentary behavior during professional and domestic activities (teleworking, home delivery, series, “passive” modes of transport, etc.) has also been associated with lower levels of physical activity. However, the human
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AZIZ – DEALER 2 METAL, singer and guitarist of BAD SITUATION. 7 sport & Metal questions.

Créateur de contenu avec sa chaîne YouTube DEALER 2 METAL, chanteur et guitariste du groupe Bad Situation… Le prolixe Aziz n’arrête pas, d’autant qu’il faut ajouter à cela ses entraînements réguliers ! Entre sport et Metal culture, on se demande comment il peut bien faire tout ça avec des journées de 24 heures ! Quelques éléments de réponse dans cette
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derrick green singer of sepultura

DERRICK GREEN, singer of SEPULTURA, 7 sport & Metal questions.

Today we invite you to meet Derrick Green, charismatic singer of Sepultura. We had the chance and the honor to meet him just a few hours before the concert at the Elysée-Montmartre, Paris. The man, as physically impressive as he is charming, opens the doors to us about his relationship with sport and how it fits into his everyday life,
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MATT JAMES, singer of THE RAVEN AGE. 7 sport & Metal questions.

While he’s working on the new album of The Raven Age, and few days after the release of the new single “Parasite”, Matt James took the time to answer our interview “7 sport & Metal questions”. We thank him very much for that honor. 1) What is your relationship to sport, what place does it have in your life?  I’ve
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Matthew K. Heafy Trivium sport Metal

MATTHEW K. HEAFY, singer guitarist from TRIVIUM & IBARAKI. Tips and insights.

What does Metal music stand for in your daily workout routine? Vidéo exclusive.
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Nergal de Behemoth

NERGAL, singer and guitarist from BEHEMOTH. 7 sport & Metal questions.

We had the chance to meet Nergal, leader of the Polish Black Metal band Behemoth, in Lyon at Le Radian (France), a few hours before the start of their show. And what a show my friends! He took the time to answer our interview “7 questions about sport and Metal”, and we thank him very much for  that honor. 1)
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Julien Truchant Benighted

JULIEN TRUCHAN, singer from BENIGHTED. 7 sport & Metal questions.

Thank you very much to Julien for answering our 7 sport and Metal questions! Live from his ACCESPORT gym, and pictured with his coach VINCENT BERTHOLET.
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