MATT JAMES, lead singer of THE RAVEN AGE. 7 sport & Metal questions.

While he's working on the new album of The Raven Age, and few days after the release of the new single "Parasite", Matt James took the time to answer our interview "7 sport & Metal questions". We thank him very much for that honor.

1) What is your relationship to sport, what place does it have in your life?

’ve been actively involved in sport and exercise for most of my life. My parents were always very fit and active when I was younger, so that was kind of imprinted on to me. I do some form of exercise everyday and try to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Exercise for me is crucial for my mental health, which is something I struggle with. I feel a good workout acts as one of the best mood boosters you can get and doing it consistently keeps me motivated.

2) What sport(s) / sports activity(ies) do you practice regularly?

I’m a big follower of Football (soccer) and Manchester United are (for better or worse) a massive part of my life. I don’t play very much anymore so my main sports interests that I practice focus mainly on High Intensity Interval Training, cycling and running.

3) What does it bring you as a musician and in your everyday life?

It’s a necessary routine for me now. I’m so used to doing it, I don’t feel great within myself if I haven’t built up some kind of a sweat in the day.

4) Do you listen to music when you workout, and if so, what kind?

Yes all the time! I think Metal and Rock are great genres to listen to when you want to put a shift in.

5) On tour, how do you maintain a constant level of training and a healthy lifestyle?

It’s very difficult to be honest. Mainly due to space and scheduling. I try to find a corner somewhere when I can do as much as possible while I’m away. It’s never as much as I’d like but we definitely break a sweat on stage. Eating right is even trickier at times. Luckily the touring round Europe has reached a level now where we can have good catering at the venues and ask for specific things on the rider.

6) Do you have any sport / health / nutrition advice to share with us?

I think it’s important to try and not build it up in your head too much. Getting in shape and improving your fitness and mental wellbeing can start with just doing something small but often. Consistency is the name of the game and your body and head will thank you in the long run.

7) What is your current news?

We are gearing up for the release of our long awaited third album to go alongside a mega Summer tour with Iron Maiden and a load of awesome festivals around the UK and Europe. And we've just released our new single "Parasite". It’s going to be a great 2023.

Photo credit: John MC Murtrie