LORIS CASTIGLIA from ULTRA-VIOLENCE. 7 sport & Metal questions.

Our guest this week, Loris Castiglia, is the singer and guitarist of the Metalcore/Alternative Rock band straight from northern Italy (Turin), ULTRA-VIOLENCE. We are very happy to have Loris and his band in our Wellness & Metal blog because they have been supporting us since the very beginning of the METAL WORKOUT adventure.

To discover ULTRA-VIOLENCE : https://linktr.ee/ultraviolencemusic


 1) What is your relationship to sport, what place does it have in your life?

I haven't been doing much sport in the last few years, but I started going to the gym again 5 or 6 months ago and it became super important for me. It feels good to take care of myself and make sure I'm in shape for when the band is touring. Additionally, I realized how music is such an important part of it. I normally find myself listening to music in search of inspiration or trying to learn some production techniques or spark new ideas. When I'm in the gym instead, I listen to music with the sole purpose of getting hyped up and it's so liberating. I'd recommend it to anyone.

2) What sport(s) / sports activity(ies) do you practice regularly?

I go to the gym. When I can't, I do bodyweight exercises. And sometimes I go for a little run, but not very often at all.

3) What does it bring you as a musician and in your everyday life?

It's a moment to decompress knowing I'm doing something good for myself. Usually when I decompress and try to enjoy time away from work/writing/producing I find myself watching TV shows or going out. Exercising is a good and healthy addition to things I like doing besides music and other than that it gives me time to be alone with myself and think. Also, it gets me super tired so I sleep super well during the night and that's a big plus!

4) Do you listen to music when you workout, and if so, what kind?

I have my own playlist on Spotify that I constantly update with new music. It's a mix that goes from pop punk to extreme metal and everything in between. I never find myself skipping a song on that playlist, they're all bangers. You can find it on our band page on Spotify if you wanna check it out, it's called "ALT ROCK / METALCORE / MODERN METAL (Newest + Classics)".

5) On tour, how do you maintain a constant level of training and a healthy lifestyle?

Haven't been on tour for more than 3 years now, because of Covid and the whole situation. But we're gradually starting to book shows again and we're so excited to go back on the road. In the past, I don't really think I ever exercised during a tour or a set of shows. The longest tour we had was probably a little less than 3 weeks and we were traveling in a van for most of the time. I don't think there was ever a good time or the possibility to exercise, really. But I'm sure that for bands who tour more extensively and for longer periods of time, it becomes something that you need to do so you find ways to adapt and make it happen. I'm sure I would if we'd do a long tour now.

6) Do you have any sport / health / nutrition advice to share with us?

I don't consider myself an expert in any of those fields. So I'd rather not give advice. The only thing I feel like saying is that I find that eating healthily has a big role in all this and it's definitely where I would start.

7) What is your current news?

We're starting to play live shows again and we're constantly releasing new music in the form of digital singles. I'm so happy with the way we do this now. Instead of disappearing for 1 year to write an album and then come back with 10 songs all at once, we write one song at a time so that we can concentrate 100% on every single aspect of that particular song. And then we release it right away, while the song is still fresh and exciting to our ears as well! Follow us on Spotify + social media for updates and new music! Keep exercising, stay healthy and strive to be the best version of yourselves!